Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Muscles (pronounced Musk-les...just because its fun)...


As you all know, I've been struggling with a self-inflicted weight plateau as of late.  Anyone that has experienced that knows how frustrating it can be, as well as dangerously discouraging.  However, thanks to the support of this wonderful community and some new-found willpower (yay!) I have kept going without letting the hurdles stop my progress.  But you know what else has kept me going?


Awww yeah.

I can't even remember what I was doing, but sometime within the last two weeks I felt my leg and was shocked. Instead of being soft and squishy, there was a serious muscle hanging out on my thighs.  Rock solid even.  Does it still have a layer of fat covering up its definition?  Sure.  But do my leg muscles feel awesome before, during, and after a run?  Heck yes they do!  It was such a huge NSV for me!

woman running
Yay for musk-les!
My calves have changed a bunch too, even though they haven't lost any inches.  They are showing tone and definition!  Before I wouldn't consider wearing shorts or skirts because I was embarrassed of my unshapely legs.  Now I might just have to add those to my wardrobe!  Just in time for it to snow...hahahaha!

I would like to give a big thanks to running.  You make me feel strong and sexy.

What makes you feel strong and sexy?


  1. I love seeing changes in my body even if it's not on the scale! The last month of weight lifting is starting to show up. I will admit, I am staring at my arms a lot more in the mirror. :)

  2. I wish running made me feel strong and sexy. No such luck, yet. But if you want to wear shorts just come visit me, it is a delightful 83 degrees.

  3. You already know this, but if you're noticing more muscle, that is part of the reason the scale won't budge. You're probably going to drop a ton of weight all the sudden once you're over the plateau... and you'll have those muscles to thank :)