Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Two Posts in a Row! Wednesday Weigh In!

I almost forgot the weekly weigh-in!  Forgive me!  :)

This week was a slow mover for me.  As you know, I was sick from Wednesday-Sunday of last week.  That meant little exercise for me (although I did get that awesome 1 miler in with my dad!).  Also, I've mentioned in the past how well stocked my dad's house is with everything you shouldn't eat and nothing that you should.  However, I tried my best to abstain from these bad items.  I did have (2) mountain dews and a box of junior mints, but other than that I was pretty good.  Yay for progress.

With that said...I lost a bit of weight!  Yay!  I'm hoping this continues throughout October.  I've got goals, baby, and I want to meet them!  

Since I've been doing this for 11 weeks (!!) this chart was getting a bit lengthy and hard to read so I have cut out the in-between weeks for these posts.  You can still see my week-to-week progress in the Stats section of my blog.  You'll have to let me know which way you like better!

Also, I want to extend a thank you to my readers and followers.  You don't have any clue how much you help me out.  How do I know this?  Well, because I'm on week 11 of my journey and I show no signs of stopping.  I hate to admit this, but in the past all my other attempts stopped around week 8.  Somehow I lost all my motivation around that time and would just quit.  This time?  It feels different.  It IS different.  The proof is in the progress.  With your support and encouraging words I have finally broken the cycle.



  1. In 11 weeks you have made GREAT progress. The butt kicking kind too! YAY!

    And -- I am going to "borrow" you chart format for my own trackings. Hope you don't mind. And I hope I can figure out how to get it from my computer to blog.

  2. Good on you!
    It's so encouraging to see diminishing numbers in the middle column and bigger numbers in the right hand column.
    Keep up the great work!!!
    x Felicity

  3. Great job on that weight loss, and with sticking with it!! :)

  4. Great work! On the loss and continuation.

    I love the chart tracking. I've just started doing measurements instead of just weight loss. Might have to whip something up in excel for those weeks when it's hard to keep going. :)

  5. Well done! I hope I am where you are in 7 more weeks. Keep up the good work.