Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Lake Powell Goodness...

I love the reflections on the water

Braving the stand-up jet skis!
Lake Powell was a MUCH needed vacation.  Work has been crazy busy lately and it was nice to get away and have some fun.  I even tried out the stand-up jet skis for the first time!  In July I was too nervous about my weight to attempt them, but this time I went for it and was able to actually stand up and ride the dang things.  I have a lot of bruises to show for it too!  :)

While in Powell we had an abundance of really good food and in large quantities.  For whatever reason, I was still REALLY hungry while down there.  So I ate.  And ate.  And ate.  GAH!  My level of frustration towards my eating habits these last two weeks is through the roof!  Guess what?  I paid for it...
Hard to read but there were NO inches lost this last week--only gains.  I weigh more exiting September than I did entering it.  Am I disappointed?  You better believe it.  Do I know what caused it?  Yes.  Am I motivated more than ever to make October a month I can be proud of?  YES!  If I'm going to go through the pain of running and exercising, I definitely don't want to make it in vain.  I just need to get a handle on my calories in.  I don't think I am adding enough fruit and veggies to my diet.  Too many of my calories come from breads that don't supply too many nutrients but have a ton of calories.  Time to switch it up!

I'm taking some more vacation this week.  I'm going up to Idaho for my favorite event of the year.  That's right--spud harvest!  I LOVE my farm and it's my dad's last year driving tractor so I've got to get up there and hang out with everyone.  If I don't blog much towards the end of the week, you can know that is it because I am doing this:
Ummm...hopefully not much of this...

But lots of riding around with my dad and wearing his awesome hats

and checking out the spuds

and posing for pics with my best friend aka my dad!

Don't be fooled...I do not actually know how to drive one of these!
But I did drive one of these for a couple of years...

I can't wait!  I leave on Wednesday and will stay up there until Sunday.  It should be a good time.  And wish me luck because on Saturday I have to get a 6 mile run in for my half marathon training.  Fun stuff!


  1. What a gorgeous place! It looks like you had a fantastic weekend.

  2. Lake Powell looks amazing!! But so does Spud Harvest. Have fun!!

  3. Absolutely awesome!
    So glad you had a wonderful time!

  4. Pics are fabulous and you are beautiful! You know what to do to get the results you want. Aahh...Idaho spuds! I've had my share--my mom is from Blackfoot. Have a great time!