Wednesday, October 27, 2010

UPDATED: Wednesday Weigh-In!

UPDATE:  I added the correct measurements this morning.  These are now accurate!  :)

Confession--I left my measurements at home this morning so these are coming from memory.  If you knew me in person you would soon realize my short term memory is less than stellar so with that in mind, here are (what I think to be) my measurements for the week!

As you might remember, I weighed in at 151.8 lbs last week (I am sure you remembered that down to the decimal point!).  However, last week that weight loss was mostly attributed to the lovely bout of the stomach flu I encountered.  Nothing like practicing bulimia for a few days to drop the pounds!  Eesh.  After being sick I took the rest of the week off from working out to let my body recover and rest, so this weigh in is after a week and a half of purposeful inactivity.  It is also that magical time of the month that causes us ladies to gain a bit of weight.  :)  That being said, I am really happy with what the scale is showing.  I cannot WAIT to break into the 140s.  I think I might have to throw a big celebration once that happens.

I've really been enjoying being at this weight.  When I look in the mirror, I am proud of how my body is beginning to look and I am finally feeling sexy again.  My husband noted the other day that I am noticeably a lot more comfortable with my body.  I asked him what made him say that and he mentioned that in the past I would get out of the shower in my towel and rush to put on my underwear/clothes; I would never be naked and exposed for more than .2 seconds.  Apparently now I am taking my time getting ready and not rushing to put my clothes on.  I would've never noticed, but he definitely did!

As for the Florida Relay Race...we are trying to come up with a team of 12 runners by this Thursday.  Hopefully we can find enough interested people to run it!  I think it would be so fun.  I must admit--I'm craving another race.  My husband wants to run a half marathon either this weekend or next weekend, and I nearly signed up for it with him.  I must be insane, but you knew that already.  :)

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Good for you! Glad you are happy with your body. It feels good, doesn't it?

  2. Can so relate to the shower/body comment. Your attitude is great, you are appreciating your body along the way. Excited for you to get to your goal, but more important is really what you learn along the way. Have you done any triathlons??

  3. Isn't it funny how we don't realize the things we do because of our own body image?! Congrats on all your hard work. But I'm sure hubbs noticing is better praise than mine. ;-)

  4. yay for the weightloss! keep up the good work.