Friday, October 15, 2010

Weekends are Scary

Oh that's right...I torched all the progress I made earlier in the week by mindlessly eating!

Does anyone else dread the temptation of the weekend?  I look forward to weekends pretty much the entire week, but I definitely do not look forward to the ample amounts of spare time where I am not able to properly distract myself from the food in my fridge.  Also, since my husband and I are social creatures, we tend to go out with friends for dinner on the weekends.  Unfortunately, being on a 1200 calorie diet does not allow for much eating out especially when I have no idea how to calculate the calorie content in Indian food (which I am having tonight with friends).  There is also that whole "doing what my peers do" thing where my stupid mind says "Well, she's eating that much food and she looks phenomenal so I can too...."  BAD MIND!  Does anyone else struggle with this?

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Confession--I love lolcats.
I feel like I am perfect at calorie counting and exercising throughout the week, but when Friday hits it all goes out the window.  You could look at my food diary on My Fitness Pal for confirmation of this.  The 3 days of the weekend completely undue any hard work I did Monday through Thursday.  This is exactly why I have been maintaining my weight for the last month rather than finally breaking into the healthy BMI range.  

HELP!  I can already see it is going to happen this weekend.  I have dinner plans tonight and dinner plans tomorrow.  How do I participate in these activities and still keep the eating in control?  I've thought about skipping lunch but that always backfires because then by the time I hit dinner I am STARVING and think I should eat everything on the table.  I don't drink alcohol so that's in my favor, but calories still sneak up on me.  

Basically, I need advice...What gets you through the weekends?


  1. This might not help, but I take Friday at 6pm until Sunday when I wake up off . I don't actively try to eat unhealthy things, but I also don't feel guilty if I have a drink or two with dinner or something yummy and fried while watching college football. I think that its what I need to stay "well behaved" during the week. It helps that I up my exercise on the weekends, so I can eat more calories. I also, literally, put a piece of super minty gum or an altoid in my mouth when I know that I'm eating too much. Fries your tastebuds a little bit. It works for me :0

  2. When I rejoined WW, I chose a Monday meeting. Hopefully that'll help me stay on track. I too, I think like everyone, struggles on the weekends. One thing that helps is planning ahead and being sure to eat healthy when you have control!!

  3. Whoa!! A four day work week and a three day weekend? All the time?!?!

    Moving on... I completely agree with your thoughts about "ohh they are eating that and it looks good, so I can too". I rationalize all the time.

    I generally allow that Saturday is going to be my 1500-1700 calorie day. It just always seems that way. So I just try to be extra cautious on Friday and Sundays. Still averaging around 1400. There is no way around it, unless you will always order the soup and salad, or veggie plate. And skip the rolls!

    Okay, so I am not the best person to be giving you advice. Just stay mindful. Get an extra 20 minute workout in, if you can. But life happens.

  4. I learned a little trick from my WW leader....never go to a restaurant hungry! Eat a healthy, filling lunch and have some healthy, filling snacks in the afternoon. It helps you not to overeat as much. Oh, and make sure you are drinking lots and lots of water to help counteract all of that sodium they are using to help make your food so yummy lol :)

  5. What gets me through the weekend? Easy. I don't calorie count!

  6. Relax and be kind to yourself and let yourself enjoy your family and friends and activities. Take deliberately smaller portions, sometimes even just a bite or two of some things, but give yourself permission to have much more if you want it - food stops being a torture and punishment and something you battle, because it's no longer an enemy, and yet you will likely eat a lot less.

  7. You are right, weekends are hard when you are surrounded by good food and alcohol (red wine, hum!)!!!
    I always take an night and a day off and I enjoy some food I don't eat on other days! But I don't eat too much! It's important to have some fun too!