Thursday, January 26, 2012

How to get your butt handed to you in a workout:

Just do this workout:

For time:

20 power squat cleans 45/65
1 burpee
19 power squat cleans 45/65
2 burpees
18 power squat cleans 45/65
3 burpees
17 power squat cleans 45/65
4 burpees
16 power squat cleans 45/65
5 burpees

Continue subtracting 1 PSC and adding 1 burpee per round until you have completed 20 rounds each. The workout is complete after you have completed your 1 rep round of PSCs and your 20 rep round of burpees in sequence.

Holy.  Crap.  We did this workout last night at my gym and it was a killer.  Several people (including the trainer/gym owner) said that this is the hardest workout they have done--EVER.  I believe them.  As far as strength training workouts go, this is probably the most fatiguing workout I've ever done.  I burned 531 calories in the hour it took me to finish it.  That's on par with running for an hour!  Incredible.
This is where the magic happens
The windows were completely fogged last night because of everyone's body heat and sweat!
I woke up this morning weighing 155.6.  I am pretty sure I lost nearly a pound of body weight just from pure sweat.  It was crazy intense.

Look closely and you will see sweat droplets.  Yummy!
I've been feeling pretty awesome lately in regards to my healthy habits.  I've been incorporating a LOT more healthy eats into my diet recently.  I've been eating a lot of these:

Even weirder than that, I've been CRAVING a lot of those.  I ate a huge thing of mixed greens all by myself in less than three days.  It was delicious.  Even better than that?  I get to eat a LOT of stuff because veggies are so low calorie.

Yesterday for lunch I had:
  • 3 cups of mixed green salad with homemade balsamic vinaigrette
  • 4 chopped carrots
  • Chobani Passion Fruit yogurt (OH YUM---you MUST try!!)
  • Light String Cheese
For dinner?  Even more veggies:
I don't even like cauliflower and I'd never eaten brussel sprouts before.  But dinner was delicious!  I finished feeling incredibly full.  I'll be having tasty leftovers today.  I will definitely be eating a LOT more brussel sprouts in the future.  I thought they were so tasty!  Hubster enjoyed dinner as well.  If I were him, I would be pretty weirded out by all the foods I've been making lately but he has really liked them.  Score!

What are some weird (but healthy and tasty) recipes you've tried lately?  I'm interested in trying out some more fun recipes!


  1. I love brussel sprouts! I eat them all the time; they are so tasty!

    Um, did I tell you that you are a beast? Nice job on the workout!!! Think I'm gonna have to pin that one!!

  2. Since I started Healthy habbits back in Oct I have completely fallen in love with vegtables. Like I seriously crave them and it was so weird to me at first. I go through 2 stalks of celery a week all by myself. It is seriously amazing how our taste buds completely change once we cut out the crap. I am very excited for you Becky!! You are just killing it.

  3. Your gym looks so hardcore. You are doing so awesome!!! I need to do something like this, something that kicks my butt too.

  4. holy crazy workout!!! way to go girl for rocking that! and your food sounds delicious. i need to check out the fritters!!!

  5. Ahhhh! That workout is b-an-an-as!!!! :)

  6. Lately, I have been eating pita pizza (homemade, of course) with a whole bread pita, a lot of veggies and low-fat cheese on it! So good and healthy!

  7. stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to show some blog luv! def enjoyed this post! def a crazy work out!!