Friday, January 6, 2012

Survived it

This morning at the unacceptable hour of 5 am I got my butt out of bed to go to the early morning gym class because they typically do not offer a Friday evening class.  We did this:

Every minute on the minute for 20 minutes perform:

10 thrusters 45/65

Not as bad as they said it would be.  Admittedly, I dropped the weight down to 25 lbs.  I am way too muscle fried for anything else.

Sadly, I found out AFTER I woke up at that ridiculous hour that they were offering a special class tonight at my normal time just for this HELLth week challenge.  BOO!!  I missed some valuable beauty sleep!  Oh well, at least I don't have to spend my day dreading the workout since it is already DONE.  Booyah!

Last night we did this:

For time:

15-16-17-18-19-20 reps of:

thrusters 45/65
KB swings 25/35

Again, modified the weight.  Dropped from the 45 bar down to the 25er.  Did 15 lb KB swings.  Apparently I am weak.  I don't mind--I'm still new.  :)  Finished in 14:50.

I thought I would share some funny pics of what I look like after completing one of these monster workouts:


I particularly like the "deer in the headlights look" along with the large mascara smudge under my left eye.  It's a glorious sight for all to behold.  Not to mention the sweat dripping off me.  One thing that's awesome about burpees is that you literally leave drops of sweat on the mat below you.  I think it's kind of hard core when you can actually see (through pure buckets of sweat) how hard you are truly working.  Awesome stuff.

If you think I'm kidding about the sweat, just take a look at this lovely photo.  I'm sure I've never looked better.  By the way, you can likely find your bleach underneath your sink or in your laundry room.  It will help your eyes to recover from this picture of me.  :)

One thing (ha, there's more than one...) that I don't like about burpees is the destruction they do to my tender knees.  

That's not lovely shading; that's a nasty bruise.  I got that sucker on Day 1 of burpees this week, and every subsequent burpee workout we've been doing has been adding to it.  Not pleasant!  Thank goodness I only have one more day (this week!) of burpees to do!

By the way, even though Utah can have some seriously nasty air because the mountains trap the pollution, I really do love living in a mountainous valley.  So beautiful!

Sunrise this morning
It was even better before I left work.  Gorgeous!  Just send some snow vibes our way so that we can finally clear out the inversion.  50+ degree weather in January has really been freaking me out!


  1. you are so freaking hard core! i love it! and love that sunrise pic :)

  2. LOVE this. LOL.

    Burpees always leave a mark. ALWAYS.

    and how do you even HAVE mascara left? I look like a dang swamp monster when I leave CrossFit. nasty. sweaty. mess.

  3. The weather here has been really strange and up in the 50s sometimes too. Crazy!