Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sweet Potatoes + Eggs + Glee + Picture Day = Randomness!

We are over halfway through the month of January (I know---crazy, right?) so it's time to do a quick gut check on our month goals.  How are we doing?

Here's a refresher and status update on my goals for January:

For January:
  • Survive HELLth week at my gym.  Status: Complete!  I survived!!
  • Average 4 workouts per week or more.  Status:  Currently on track for this.
  • Run 30 miles for the month to supplement the strength training workouts  Status:  At risk.  I've missed a run or two.  Gotta up my game on this one.
  • Cook 2-3 meals per week.  Status:  On track.  I've made some tasty (and healthy) eats lately!
Last night I made some delicious Sweet Potato Egg Stacks from a recipe Hubster found here.

(photo from website above)
Delicious!  It was thoroughly filling and seriously tasty.  I will be making this one a LOT more.  It was super simple.  I had the leftovers for lunch today and I was really looking forward to eating them.  That's how you know it was a success!

I enjoyed my tasty dinner (eggs are always acceptable for dinner!) while watching some guilty pleasure TV.  I might have nearly choked on my food when I spotted this in the background on Glee:

I need one.
Oh how I loved the Royal Wedding for SO many reasons, particularly the one above...  Too funny!  Glee has been slowly going downhill for me for the past couple of seasons, but I must admit that this gave it a few extra points.

Moving along, yesterday our company announced that today we would be doing individual company photos for use on our website as well as part of our signature in our emails.  Joy!  It brought back the stresses of elementary school photo day and worrying that your hair would go flat or you'd close your eyes during the shot and it would all be ruined!  Anyway, I decided to awkwardly take a photo of myself this morning in my car before going into work so that you could be part of the action too!   Weird?  No...this is what bloggers do.  Forget actually writing blogs; bloggers take awkward photos of themselves.  That's when you know they are a legit blogger!  ;)

The first attempt....not quite a success.  Clearly I need to go tanning more! 
Much better!  I sincerely hope no coworkers saw me take not one, but three different photos.  
There's no explaining that type of behavior...
Anyway, I think I survived photo taking day at work.  Thank goodness for digital photography!  Instant feedback is (sometimes) a beautiful thing.

Does anyone else's company take photos of employees for marketing purposes?  Anyone else think individual photo-taking is awkward business?  

And most importantly, how are you doing on your January goals?


  1. I have been feeling the same about Glee.

    Good job on the goals, I've been relatively on-track but I think I need to make a few modifications to some of my goals so i can have better success throughout the rest of the year.

  2. Awesome job on your goals!
    I seriously love that hat- I think my husband would love it if I wore it around :).

  3. This made me laugh so hard because yesterday at the gym I tried to take a picture of myself on the elliptical. ha ha it was such an epic fail and people were definitely starring.

    Great job with your jan goals and you are freaking gorgeous btw. Seriously so freaking pretty Becky!

  4. YOU are adorable! Hope the official picture turned out GREAT!! :)