Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Why Do I Keep Doing This?

Apparently I'm a sucker for challenges.  First there was the 30-day Challenge back in November--3+ hours per week of workouts.  Then there was the 30-day Boot Camp I signed up for in December.  And now?  The Healthy Habits in 30 Days Challenge.

I've seen this challenge floating around in blogland for the past couple of months, but I have never bitten the bullet to sign up.  However, after showing it to a coworker (who promptly signed up) I finally caved and decided to just do the dang thing.  The only reasons I didn't want to do it were all related to me not wanting to make positive changes in my eating habits, which is NOT a good reason to not do something.

So yeah.  The next 30 days there will be a lot of this going on:
  • 5 daily servings of veggies or fruit
  • No sweets/junk food (food low in nutritional value and high in bad stuff)
  • Keeping daily food journal (tracking at MyFitnessPal)
  • Drinking 64oz of water
  • 30 minutes exercise
  • 30 additional minutes of exercise
  • At least 7 hours of sleep
  • Keeping my individual goal (can be anything you want to make a habit of)
There is (thankfully) one free day per week, so there is a bit of flexibility to the plan which is always a must for me.  If I'm told I can never have a sweet again, I immediately start craving it and obsessing over it until you find me a few hours later hiding in the closet chowing down on said treat.  Not a good thing.  Hence my love of flexible plans!

My individual goal for the week is to follow my training program 100%.  Training program, you say?  Yes--I am back to training for something!  As I mentioned at the beginning of the month, I would like to run another half marathon.  I really love that distance!  I am planning on running one during the springtime.  I am still narrowing down which one I am most interested in, but I am tempted by the Salt Lake City Half Marathon in April.  I haven't ran this course before and it could be fun.  Unfortunately, it is rather pricey for a half!  Decisions, decisions...

 Any feedback on the SLC Half?  Any other half marathon suggestions?  


  1. I have participated in the Healthy Habbits Challenge twice and loved it both times. Are you in it with my friends? I think Jackie Richardson is the main person...anyway I was going to do it this round but joined the get fit challenge instead. You will love it though. I really think it is perfect! You should add me on Myfitnesspal. My UN is rawardle! About spring marathons there really aren't a whole lot. The SLC is definitely overpriced and you may want to consider Provo City. It is May 5th this year I think.

    Anyway best of luck with the training. Always a good motivator to have something to train for. :)

  2. Challenges are such good motivators. I am kind of addicted to at as of late. Also, My Fitness Pal is the bomb. I love it! I really liked the UV Half Marathon, my personal experience (i.e. almost shitting myself) was bad, but the course is beautiful and it was very well organized. :)

  3. Orrrrrrrrrrr, you could come to Minnesota and run the Get In Gear 1/2 marathon with ME the last weekend of April!! Just sayin'.

  4. Sounds fun! I think I'll start the challenge tomorrow! I love MyFitness pal. It has literally changed my life.

  5. This will be 4th year running the SLC Half. It is my favorite race so if you are taking votes I think you should do it!