Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Looking Back at 2011

2011 was a great year.  It may have even been my favorite year.  I accomplished so many goals I had set for myself, and gained more than some sweet medals; I gained some much needed self esteem.

Let's take a quick look back:


Ran the Florida Keys Ragnar Race.  It was my first Ragnar and my first race with a finisher's medal!


Ran the Sweethearts 5k with Hubster for our Valentine's Day activity.  I loved this race!  It has a super sweet medal!  What 5k does that?  And it was only $25 bucks for the race (which included a technical shirt!)  Score!

Couples 5k 007
Couples 5k 011
Couples 5k 023
I also got injured which would end up being the theme for my running for the year.  Boooo.


I bit the bullet and signed up for my first marathon.  I had been considering it for a while, but had been too afraid to commit.  However, March brought me the courage to finally sign up!

I also celebrated my 27th birthday along with Hubster's 30th.  
Jason's Birthday and Milwaukee 002
I also struggled with my eating habits (which unfortunately was also a theme for 2011).  

My first half marathon was supposed to happen in March, but due to February's injury I ended up having to cancel it.  Boo!  It was not the first race I would miss.


Hubster and I went to Zion National Park for a belated birthday celebration.  I ended up crashing on my mountain bike going a whopping 1 mph and somehow managed to seriously injure myself.  Talent.  However, I didn't let that deter me from finishing my first 10-miler the next day.  This was a super hard run, but one of my favorite's from the year.  The scenery was gorgeous!

Zion with Caroline & Galen 116_7_5
Zion is beautiful.
biking mud
Jem Trail!
biking sunburst
zion run2
zion run1
I also ran in a snow storm for the first time and posted a video on my experience.  I think that's the only video I've done on this blog!

Jess and I also ran 12 miles in preparation for our upcoming half marathon on April 30th.  It was the longest either of us had ran before!

Finally (April was a big month!), Jess and I completed our first half marathon on a snowy weekend in Utah.  We both ran the race suffering from some serious I.T. band pain.  The race was SO hard mentally, but so rewarding at the same time.  However, running on the bum knee sidelined me from racing for the next two months.  Boo!!

Thanksgiving Point Half Marathon 037

I spent the majority of May nursing my injury.  As per the doctor's orders--absolutely no running.  None.  

Hubster and I also traveled to Australia for work and for play.  This was definitely a highlight for the year!

We biked, hiked, climbed, and played in Sydney, the Great Barrier Reef, and the Whitsunday Islands.  I want to go back!!  I did my best not to let my injury get in the way of a good time.  

Sydney 292
Sydney 332
Bridge Climb
Sydney 696
Sydney 477
Sydney 779

Our Australia trip took place over the last weeks in May and the beginning of June, so June started out on a great note--more traveling and exploring!  I went to the most beautiful beach I have ever seen, and fell in love with Australia.  I would love to go back!

Cairns 007
Snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef
Cairns 207
Scenic Train Ride
Whitsunday Vessel 395
White Haven Beach - google it.
Coming back to the US and having to join reality again was a bit rough.  One of the hikes that we did during Australia really hurt my knee all over again and I was seriously worried about running the Wasatch Back Ragnar Relay that I had signed up for.  I ended up running it anyway, even though I was injured.  Not my smartest moment, but it was a great memory for the year.
No Sean
Worn out!

I returned to running in July!  I finally had an injury free running month!  I ran with Jess in the Legacy Midnight 10k and set a new PR for myself!  This race was so fun!

Legacy Midnight 10k 080 edit

Hubster and I hiked up in the Big Cottonwood Canyons and jumped into a freezing cold lake in our underwear!  Old Becky never would've done that!

We also hiked Bells Canyon with some friends.  That was one HARD hike!  Totally worth it though!

Bell's Canyon Hike 067
There are people in this photo.  Find them.
I ended the month with one of my favorite races of the year - the Timpanogos Half Marathon.  I got to meet my lovely friends Rachelle and Julia.  Such amazing girls!!  I set a HUGE PR for myself on this run, and I also got a lovely sampling of what it tastes like to eat asphalt.  Such a memorable race for me for so many reasons!
Timpanogos Half Marathon 006


Guess what?  Another injury.  Le sigh.  BUT I didn't let it mess with my marathon training.  Nope--with my marathon a month away I kicked up the training!

I ran my first 17-miler and 18-miler (with Jess!)

I ran 23.6 miles in one day.

I also struggled with feelings of inadequacy.  I think we can all relate to feeling like this sometimes.


Another big month for me!  We made a trip to Island Park and Yellowstone with our families.  We hiked and canoed and I loved it!

Yellowstone with Pa 180
Island Park 064
Island Park 077

I also injured my IT band again.  To the physical therapist I go--again!  Terrible timing--right before my marathon!

That's right--I ran a MARATHON!  By far my favorite moment of 2011 for so many reasons--pride at achieving my goal, being able to share the crazy story of the weather, and sharing those moments with my best friend Jess.  Nothing can ever take those memories away from me.  LOVE IT.


So. Awesome.

I also got my body fat measured towards the end of September to see what I still need to work on.  This lady still has work to do on that number!


October was a fun month--I finally got to meet Ann!  She came out to Utah to meet with a few of us crazy bloggers, and we had a lot of fun.
Ann & Tennille 077
Ann in Utah 001
Ann in Utah 003 - Copy
Ann in Utah 029
Super good times.

I also ran the Las Vegas Ragnar Relay and almost died.  My least favorite race of the year, although the company was super fun.  I just wish I would've ran better and not had to have someone sub in for me!  Boo!!

Las Vegas Ragnar Relay 192
Las Vegas Ragnar Relay 244
Can't argue with the bling, though...
Las Vegas Ragnar Relay 313
...or the awesome friends!

Speaking of awesome friends, I also challenged Jess to a 30-day workout challenge where we would average 3+ hours of working out per week for the month.  It was a great way to keep on track since we were no longer training for our marathon.  Jillian Michaels hurt me good during November!


In December, I kicked up the workouts a notch by signing up for a 30-day boot camp that does Cross-fit like workouts.  Holy crap.  It kicked my trash in the best way possible.  I loved it so much that I have signed up to continue the classes indefinitely.  

There was also a freak wind storm that caused some serious damage around my neighborhood.  They are still cleaning up from it!

I also completed a juice fast.  It was tough, but super worthwhile.  I am currently psyching myself up to do another one (someday).  
Juice Fast 307
Thoughts on 2011 Overall:

Loved it.  It was a great year.  The only regret I have for the year is that I didn't get my eating under control enough to finally lose the weight.  As you know, I ended up the year higher than I was this time last year.  It's unfortunate, but it isn't a big enough deal for it to taint the wonderful year that was 2011.  I can't wait to make this year even better!


  1. You started the year off right with Ragnar! Great photos. :)

  2. your pics are absolutely incredible! this year has been amazing because i have met some of my bestest friends :) so grateful to know you!

  3. I must have started reading your blog the last third of the year- I totally missed all the Australia pics! Looks like so much fun!
    You had quite the jam packed 2011- awesome job!

  4. Ditto on the pics--they are beautiful!!

    I've been subbing in juice for breakfast here and there, but haven't quite been able to try the full juice fast....yet!

  5. I didn't know you went to Australia! That is so so cool. You are seriously amazing and you and your husband are just so much fun. I want to hangout with you and you can turn me into a hiker in 2012 k?

    So fun to read about your year.

  6. OMG, I love love love LOVE this post, Becky!!! YOU HAVE DONE SO MANY THINGS IN 2011!!!!! I can't wait to see what 2012 brings!!! :)

  7. Def looks like you had an AWESOME year filled with lots of fun things!! :)

    Hope 2012 is just as great.. no.. EVEN BETTER! :)

  8. No way! You had a crazy year! This is so awesome. I live right by the Jem trail so I'd have to say those pictures with Zion are my favorite.

    Way to go in 2011. Here's to an awesome 2012!