Friday, January 13, 2012

Not Much to Say

The 3 miles from last night were MUCH better than the 3 miles from the night before.  Yay for that!  With no asthma attack (and subsequent walking/stopping that accompanies those), my pace improved by 2 minutes overall.  Booyah.  However, I am still much slower than I want to be on such a short distance.  I would be interested in seeing how my legs felt after NOT doing a Crossfit workout.  Running right after those classes is making my legs feel like jello!

This is from my first run this week--prior to the asthma disaster.  Something important is missing from my gear...
Oh yes, that's right.  My inhaler.  Definitely brought it along for last night's run.  Lesson = learned.
Apparently I was REALLY excited that I didn't have an asthma attack.  Post run glow (literally).  Enjoy the sweat-cicles on my eyebrows.  It's cold in Utah...
Speaking of Cross-fit, I LOVED our workout last night.  It was a great overall body workout, but didn't leave me in a giant puddle of sweat at the end.  Just a mini one.  This girl needs a break from swimming in her own sweat every once in a while.  You should all try this at your gym someday soon:

On Trainer's Count (or your own count--no cheating!) -Complete 6 rounds of each triplet. Each triplet is done individually.

12 back squats 45/65
12 biceps curls 45/65
12 OH BB press (strict) 45/65
30 sec rest


12 straight leg deads 45/65
12 skull crushers 45/65
12 v-ups (slowly 3-0-3-0)
30 sec rest

Big fan.  I love bicep curls and skull crushers, so that also could be a big reason that I enjoyed this workout so much.  I'm pleasantly sore this morning, just in time for my rest day.  Perfect timing!

What's your favorite weight-lifting move?  What's your favorite move that you love to hate?

We all know my favorite move I love to hate is burpees!


  1. Look at you go! Awesome job! I really need to start doing some strength training :).
    Cute pictures!!

  2. Ha! I love those first 2 pics! Remember that inhaler!

  3. I am a major fan of the squat with military press. I wasn't sure what a burpee was so I had to youtube it. I hate those! Is it still considered a burpee if you have to do the push-up on your knees?
    I know I am a random commentor but I always like to know how people find my blog and I found yours because I am friends with Cory from fastcory. Keep up the workouts! I am dying to try Crossfit!

  4. such fun pics! there is NO way i could do cross fit and running back to back! you are amazing!

    my favorite weight lifting is DB bench press. i know...i am weird. haha!

  5. Your photos are adorable!!! :)