Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Absolutely Exhausted

I think I've been lied to.

I was told that if I started working out in the morning, I would feel energetic and alert for the rest of the day.  Even though I was waking up an hour earlier, the endorphins would kick in and life would be grand.


Dirty rotten lies.

I am so tired!  The last week and a half I've been a walking zombie.  I've been trying to stay away from the caffeine, but I'm afraid I just can't hack it.  Work needs to be done and I need to be awake to do it!

So to all you early morning runners, please tell me--does it get easier?  Will my body ever adjust?  I'm hoping for good news here!

As a side note, I got my 8+ mile bike ride in last night and my 4 mile run this morning.  Wahoooo!  My legs feel like lead.  Also, I really need to get a road bike; riding my mountain bike around on the roads is not as efficient as I would like!


  1. Oh, I'm always tired!! hahaha!! I can only run..or exercise for that matter in the morning. I am WAY to tired at night. Doing it in the morning makes me feel like I started my day out good for some reason. But it hasn't taken the exhaustions away yet!?! I'm still waiting for that to happen too!! I think it will come..eventually! It has too!!!

    Grat job on your biking and run!

  2. woah that sounds like an intense workout! You go girl! Are you training for anything or just trying to be healthy?

  3. okay, I few minutes of blogstalking later and I answered my own question. Good luck with ALL of your races!

  4. Ok, this made me giggle. Hang in there... you will get used to it. You do have to go to bed an hour earlier though or take a short nap or something so you aren't just getting an hour less sleep...

  5. yayyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! i found your blog (i am a little slow sometimes...sorry about that! haha!)...I really like working out in the morning better. It takes me a couple weeks to get into the routine but once I am in gets more and more difficult to break! read your post before. NOT A FLUKE GIRL. OWN THOSE TIMES. then i looked to the right and saw you are running Timp half. We are MEETING UP there. No excuses. see ya then :)

  6. I ran early this morning and I've been tired all day. And hungry! Coffee helped a little this morning.

  7. well... are you going to bed early enough? that is the "mom" question so I have to ask it :P i rowed for years and never felt like the early morning workouts made the days easier. But it was nice to have them over with :)

  8. I have been thinking about am workouts..... Is it really that much of a time-saver?