Thursday, July 14, 2011

Y'all are crazy!

And I love you for it!  I was lucky enough to have two people tag me for the Amazing Blogger Award.  I'll admit-- I think this one is pretty clever and fun.

So a shout out to Ashley and Nikki!  Thanks for the love!  Be sure to check out their blogs because they are definitely worth reading.

Time to get down to the nitty gritty...

favorite cartoon character

I bet you can guess why.

And, I want you to know that I was crazy enough to actually think that I could be Ariel. I thought if I spent enough time in the bathtub that I would finally turn into a mermaid like I was destined to be.

I was a really clean child.

favorite thing to photograph

Landscapes...I LOVE going for hikes out and around Utah (or anywhere really) and taking photos of the beautiful scenery.  Here are some of my favorites:
Zion 377.2
Zion National Park
Spuds 179
Clouds over my dad's farm in Idaho
Moab 066
The Icon of Utah!  Delicate Arch in Moab.
Lake Powell 110
Lake Powell
Lake Blanche! 134_5_3_tonemapped
Lake Blanche in Big Cottonwood Canyon, Utah
flowers 165
Admittedly, I took this in my dad's yard. 
favorite thing to cook

I like to cook foods that are fast and easy because I do not have a ton of time to spare for cooking.  If you asked Hubster, he would tell you that I love to make homemade spaghetti and tacos (not at the same time!).  Tis true.  I also like to make things with potatoes...taco potatoes, cowboy spuds, etc.  YUM!
Lifetime supply of free potatoes?  Yes, please.  Thanks farm!
favorite way to exercise

I think you might know the answer to this already, but just in case you don't: RUNNING.  I love to hate it and I love to love it.

I do it for the bling...and the free food!
favorite movie

Oh dear.  I can't choose.  Seriously--I love so many movies!  The original Pirates (NOT any of the others), the first Transformers (again...none of the sequels), Iron Man was pretty awesome...I could continue on for a long time.  Loved Tangled.  Also, my favorite movie growing up (besides, of course, the Little Mermaid) was Wild Hearts Can't be Broken.  Loved that movie!

favorite article of clothing

Jeans.  I love jeans.  I haven't bought any in a long time because I'm too stubborn and cheap to pay for something that won't fit me in a few months.  Except I've been the same size for 8 months now, so I probably should've bought some a while ago...

favorite flower

 In a bouquet?  Gerbera Daisies.

Wedding May 27 2006 143
My wedding bouquet
In real life? Lilies of the Valley.  They smell divine!

favorite breakfast

I don't know what my deal is lately, but I am loving eggs with rice and beans.  Seriously.  I crave it like a mad woman.  
Get. In. My. Belly!
favorite place to be

Also a tough one!  I LOVE to travel, and I want to see the entire world some day (I also would like to win the lottery.  I feel that these coincide with each other.).  I've been lucky enough to see some really cool places, but I would say my favorite place to be is with my family where ever they are!

Sydney 177
Great company makes this girl happy!
favorite book lately

Eesh.  I'm a big reader.  I love to read all types of books, except the kind that make you smarter.  That is what college was for.  :)  My favorite book of all time is the Harry Potter series (don't hate if you haven't read it yourself).  I also really liked the Hunger Game series.  I recently read Les Miserables and it totally made me cry.  Jerk.

All good reads.  You should check them out.

Anyway...that's a bit about me!  If you feel so inclined, you should fill it out and let me know so I can learn a bit more about you!  Or just pick one and answer it in the comments.

Come on now.

Do it.

Pretty please?

You know how much we all love comments.  :)


  1. I loved the Hunger games series. It was really well written for a kid's book and I thought the characters were great and the story was gripping! I can't wait for the movie!

  2. Beautiful pictures!!!!!

    I love jeans too. I just can't wait till I get all this weight off and go get me some new jeans. I am going to splurge and get me a fancy pair of jeans (love the buckle). :)

  3. OH, I remember Wild Hearts Can't be broken. Great show! I love the Buckle and that breakfast actually looks pretty good. I might have to give it a try! That was fun getting to know you a little bit more!!

  4. I love your landscape photos! What camera do you use?

  5. Is that the movie about the blind girl who jumps horses off the ramp? Lollllll. We will watch it together. ;) looooooove potatoes.

  6. We have a lot of the same fav's! I love Harry Potter, hunger games and Les Mis. I have been to a lot of the places you have photographed and you do have a pretty awesome blog =)


  7. HI! I love, love, LOVE rice and beans with eggs. I've traveled quite a bit to Central American and rice and beans are a STAPLE. I love exotic food too.

    Love your blog. Glad I found you! I've been looking for more fitness/health blogs.

    PS - Running is the best exercise. No gym required, free of charge and totally a stress reliever.!

    Get Up & Go

  8. OMG. I am in love with all those landscape pictures. Especially the Lake Powell one.

    My favorite thing to photograph is candid portraits...including cheezy romantic ones. I once snapped a picture of my friend Caitlin and her boyfriend hugging on a FL beach with the sunset and a cruise ship leaving in the background. My heart melts every time I see the picture.

    I seriously wanna get married just so I can have an engagement photo shoot. hahaha.