Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Happy Haircut

Whenever anyone gets a haircut, Hubster just says to them "Happy haircut" because he doesn't know what else to say.  He knows they cut their hair, so he doesn't wanna say the standard "didja get yer hair cut?" so instead I get happy haircuts.  That's really all I have to say about this.

Anyway...I got my hair cut today!  I had mentioned in the past that I had had enough of my hair acting as a super awesome absorber of sweat off my back and that it desperately needed cut.  I've been anxiously anticipating my haircut appointment since that post, and I am happy to say my hair is now officially 8 inches shorter than it was approximately 2 hours ago.  I am sure my running pace will improve my a minute per mile and that I will weigh at least 2 lbs less tomorrow.  Okay, so a girl can dream...

(I apologize in advance for the crappy cell phone photos...it'll just have to work because it's all I have!)

Awkward bathroom photo--yay!
The Sweat Absorber
Goodbye hair!
Finished product--much lighter!
No longer a threat...
It feels amazing to have the hair out of my way, and I haven't even put it to the real test of activity yet!  Tonight I go hiking and will report back.  Tomorrow's run should also see if it was worth the lost hair!


  1. Looks great! I need to get rid of a few inches too. Way too hot for heavy hair.

  2. You look great with shorter hair!

  3. WOW your hair was long! You have gorgeous hair by the way - the cut looks great on you!!

  4. wow, it looks amazing! You probably get told this all the time, but I am so jealous of the color of your hair. It is so cute!!

  5. Super cute hair!!! I love it!!! I bet it feels so much better already!!

  6. Beautiful hair! I'm not sure if I would have cut it or not. You look great but the really long hair also looked great. I've never had super long hair so I don't know how heavy it must be and everything else that goes along with maintaining it nicely.

  7. You have beautiful hair!! I like the shorter look :)

  8. Looks gorgeous super long and at the shorter length :) You have lovely hair!

  9. I love getting haircuts. It always makes me feel like a whole new person. I think your haircut looks great!

  10. Looks fantastic!! So pretty! :)

  11. Love it! And I can totally relate to the whole sweat absorber thing.