Friday, July 8, 2011

Visual Progression of the loss of the Double Chin


So I recently got a new computer.  My other one died a very painful (and noisy) hard-drive crashing death.  It's a good thing I religiously back-up my computer.

Because I have a new computer, the program Picasa had to be reinstalled.  For those of you who aren't familiar with Picasa, it's a free photo editing program that stores all your photos for viewing and editing.  Similar to Facebook, you can tag individuals through their facial recognition program.  All of the faces I had previously saved were no longer tagged, so when I logged in today it asked me who all these people were (including myself).  The fun (and interesting) thing about it is that it zooms in on just that individuals face.  Even more interesting was suddenly seeing hundreds and hundreds of photos of just my face.  Why? immediately became evident that I have lost some weight in my face.  It was actually startling to see; I hadn't thought my face had lost any weight.  So, because I love to share random things with my readers, I of course took a screen shot for you to compare as well.

It just so happened that these loaded almost in chronological order.  The first photo you can see is from my highest weight.  It was not a happy time.  Going on down, we finally get to some recent photos.  You probably can't tell much of a difference because you aren't used to examining every ounce of my face like I am (why not, guys?), but I can see it, and it makes me happy. There is also a photo of what I would look like as a ghost.  Yep.  Translucent.  Just like my eyelashes.  Enjoy!


  1. Yaa for no double to loose mine!

  2. Your smile - is contagious !!
    Now I'm smiling!
    And great - on the loss of the chin!

  3. Awesome! I love this! You look great and have an amazing smile :)

  4. Oh yeah you can definitely tell! That's great! :)

  5. So exciting! It's nice to see things like this sometimes to remind you of how hard you have worked.
    And...I feel your pain on the translucent eye lashes. ahhhh.

  6. Oh the dreaded double chin!! NOOOOO! It is the death of me. Someday I hope to never see it in another picture of myself!

    You look amazing, and so happy!! I can definitely tell a difference. Congratulations! Love your smile!

  7. I can totally see a difference! Pretty incredible…you've really done a lot of hard work :)

  8. Wow, what a great transformation!!! You look great!

  9. This is a neat way to keep yourself motivated and to see how far you have come!! Keep up the good work!