Thursday, July 21, 2011

Q&A Answer Time!

It's time to answer some great questions you had for me!

Julia asked: 

Favorite place to run?
My go-to place to run is the Legacy Parkway near my house.  It's convenient, safe, and has decent views.  However, my favorite place I have ever ran is through Zion canyon.  It was a GORGEOUS run.

Favorite vacation?
Can't choose!  I'll have to settle for my top three favorites.  In no particular order, I loved Italy, Hawaii, and Australia.  Italy was full of so much history, and the food (and gelato!) was amazing.  Hawaii had the gorgeous beaches, awesome snorkeling, and beautiful hikes.  Australia also had amazing scenery.  I'd go back to all of them again!

Favorite summer time activity?
I LOVE to hike.  Love it, love it, love it.  Before I got into running, I spent my summers up in the mountains doing awesome hikes.  It's a great workout, and the reward is always worth the effort you put into it.  Sadly, I've only been on ONE HIKE this entire summer because my weekends have been filled with long runs and other activities.  Sad story!

Bob asked:

Obligatory dinosaur question. In your opinion, which dinosaur is the coolest?
Love it!  This is a tough decision.  I'll choose Spinosaurus because it combines two things I like about dinosaurs--awesome size and awesome details.  Love the spine on this thing!

Caroline asked:

Who would you like to meet?
Oh my.  I have no idea.  I would want to waste my opportunity on meeting just a random celebrity who isn't actually making an impact in this world.  I'd like to meet someone who literally is changing the world for the better.  The sad thing is that I can't think of anyone who is really doing that right now.  Yikes!  Give me some suggestions in the comments! 

Favorite movie?
So many good ones out there!  I love all the old Disney classics, Pixar is a must, and I love some good action flicks like Iron Man and the first Pirates and first Transformers.  I can't pick just one because it totally depends on my mood.  BUT!  I just remembered one I could call my favorite--Stardust!  LOVE this movie.  You should check it out!

Café Moka asked:

Where did you meet your husband? Did you know right away it was the "one"?
I met my husband up at college.  We had a class together and he thought I was cute so he convinced his cousin to come sit down by me.  If you ask Hubster, he will tell you that I proceeded to grab his shirt, give it a big sniff, and say "You smell amazing!"  If you ask me, I will just tell you that he was wearing Aqua Di Gio which is my favorite cologne and I told him he smelled nice.  :)

I did NOT know right away he was the one.  After that class, we didn't talk for another year until an accounting class brought us back together.  I had gotten an A in the first class we had together so he thought I was smart and decided that I should be his study partner.  After studying together for a couple of months, we decided we liked each other for more than the cumulative brain power!  We dated for another 2 1/2 years before finally settling down.

What is your favorite part of your job?
I love that opportunity I have to travel and see all the different cultures this world has to offer.  I've been blessed to see many places that I wouldn't have been able to afford to see because work has sent me there.  Italy and Australia were both work trips. 

What's your goal weight?
If I have to pick a number, I would say right around 130 would make me really happy.  But, I am mostly going off how I look in the mirror.  I would like my abs to be toned and my thighs/butt to be firm.  If that happens at 135, then great!  If it doesn't happen at 130, then time to reevaluate the number!

If you could, what would you change from your past?
Most of the bad things in my past have changed and defined my character, so I wouldn't really part with them.  Instead, I'll go with something a bit more trivial.  I wish I wouldn't have been so serious with boyfriends in high school.  I had two serious relationships lasting around a year, and that was just a waste of time looking back at things.  I should've been out and about having the time of my life!  

What is your dream race to run?
Good question.  There are so many races that appeal to me.  However, I'd have to say that Boston is my dream race to run simply because it would take pretty much a miracle for me to be able to qualify.  It isn't the race itself that makes me want to run it (there are far more beautiful runs out there), but it is the fact that it is such a badge of honor to qualify for the dang thing.  I would LOVE to be able to run fast enough to qualify. 

I'd also really like to run one of the Rock-n-Roll races.  Those look super fun!  Same with the Disney races.

That's about it for the questions!  Any questions that got missed that you'd love to see answered?  Add them to the comments and I will answer them next time I post!


  1. Thanks for your answers! I always love to ask questions and get answers haha!

  2. Spinosaurus! Awesome answer! Give those less-er popularized dinos some air time. :D

  3. LOVED your answers. you got some fun questions too! and you should run RnR vegas!!!!!!! I am doing that one and am SO excited!