Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Oh look! A volcano!

I had a good run this morning.  The kind of run that just feels good, and when you are finished you want to do your own victory dance because you've totally earned it.  I may have done just that thing this morning.

There wasn't any particular reason this was a good run.  I ran up a hill in my neighborhood that has a nice gradual incline.  I don't particularly like hills, but I know that they are critical to being a well-rounded runner (and a less-round individual!) so I've added them into my routine as of late.  I powered up the 3 miles of hill and felt pretty darn good.  I had to walk a few times but wasn't down on myself for that, which is a rare occurrence.  Usually I beat myself up for walking breaks, but I didn't this time.  I think I must have been in a good mood this morning!
Freedom Half Marathon 683
This is my intimidating "drinking face." Suuuuper scary, I know.

The real fun started when I turned around and looked down at the valley waiting for me.  Nothing but smooth sailing from then on.  I felt like I was running so fast!  It felt good to get a nice stride going and just cruise down the hillside.  Here's a quick snapshot from the run:
6 with hills

I made a volcano!
You can definitely see the pace difference from when I was going uphill to when I was going downhill!

Also, the ever so lovely Julia from Pain, Pride and Perseverance tagged me in the super awesome Q&A game going around bloggerland.
So, get excited.  You get to ask me any series of questions and I have to answer!  Oh boy, this ought to be interesting.  If you're a reader that doesn't typically comment, now is your time to join the fun and ask me something you want to know--could be anything!  I look forward to seeing what you all come up with.  Or maybe I don't...this could be scary!  :)


  1. ummmm. GIRL. That hill was no break for 3 miles. you are a serious rock star and you seriously powered up it. WAY TO GO.

    Lets see. questions.

    Favorite place to run?

    Favorite vacation?

    Favorite summer time activity?

  2. Obligatory dinosaur question. In your opinion, which dinosaur is the coolest?

  3. That is most definitely a volcano!! Good job! Running is not a passion of mine....although I dream it is :-) I have intentions to try it...but it never pans out.

  4. thank you for stopping by my got a new follower in me! that was some hill!!!
    ok questions..I love the Q & A

    who would you like to meet?
    favorite movie?

  5. Wow, it was a big hill!!! You did great!

    Some questions for you:
    Where did you meet your husband? Did you know right away it was the "one"?
    What is your favorite part of your job?
    What's your goal weight?
    If you could, what would you change from your past?

  6. Nice hill. I have such difficulty running up (and down) hills. I always feel like I am losing control of my legs when I run downhill.

    What is your dream race to run?