Friday, July 22, 2011

A Quick View

 I tend to do my runs/bikes on the Legacy trail by my house.  It's a well maintained path that has a steady stream of people getting their fitness on, which I like because I don't worry about getting stolen off the pathway that much.  People stealers--don't try to steal me.  I like being non-stolen.

Anyway, one of the things I really like about the trail is how tranquil it is.  It has beautiful views of the Great Salt Lake as well as the Wasatch Mountains.  It is super close to my house, but the trail itself feels like there is no civilization around.  Love that!

Last night I decided to ride my bike to a nearby lake that is just off the trail.  I hit the lake right at sunset and was able to watch the sun disappear into the water.  It was gorgeous!  I love riding my bike, but it is even better when you get such a wonderful view:
What are your favorite views along the pathways you visit?


  1. Wow that looks breathtaking! I love running by the lake in Toronto. The views are definitely not as serene as yours, but they're better than anywhere else in the city! Plus, there is a nice cool breeze on really hot days!

  2. You are very lucky to have such a beautiful view! And I also like not being stolen ;-)I tend to run at a lake that is busy and all the people smile at me. That's the best part!

  3. that is so beautiful! keep being non-stolen please~

  4. so beautiful. running in utah is seriously the BEST!

  5. I am like you. Afraid of people stealers! HA! I just recently (over the past few months) ventured down into some trails by my house to run and bike. LOVE it! So peaceful, country-like, shaded. My favorite place now by far.

    Great Pictures!!

  6. Wow seems like I was really close to you last week!!! We visited our friends in Salt Lake City and I'm almost positive one of the hikes we did was in Wasatch Mountains. I loved it there!!