Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Skivvy Dipping

I have a confession.

I did something this weekend that I have never done before, and wouldn't have DARED to do a few months ago.

Yes, that's right.  I went skivvy dipping.  

I say skivvy because I had was stripped down to just my sports bra and my unders, rather than butt nekkid.  That was for everyone's benefit.

Perhaps I should back up a little bit.  I went on a beautiful hike this weekend.  It is short (less than 3 miles round trip) but climbs nearly 1000 feet.  And it was about 90 degrees on Saturday so it was a warm hike.  Before leaving the valley to drive up to the mountains, we stopped by my Grandma's house.  Something you should know about my Grandma--I am convinced there is not a better woman in the world than her.  Truly.  She is amazing, and truly someone that has improved the world in her life.  Anyway, I digress.  Grandma told me that I absolutely positively HAD to go swimming in Dry Lake if it was still there.  See, dry lake (like the name givese away) is typically not so much a "lake" as a "dry lake bed."  So, I wasn't too worried about having to swim at all during this hike.

Except when we got to the top lake, not only was it not dry, but it was quite full.
Uh oh.  I'm going swimming.
I would like to send out the reminder that this is pure snow runoff water.  No chance for this lake to warm up.  Nope.  It is freezing.  Super pretty, but super duper cold.  


So, the boys went first.  Rather than take the safe method and wade slowly in, they decided to just jump in.  Let's just say they nearly drowned.  They were gasping for breath and it is a dang good thing it was shallow where they were.  I wasn't about to jump in to rescue them!

Now, I was considering just soaking my feet but then I remembered how adamant my Grandma was about jumping in.  So, I stripped down to my skivvies and slowly wandered into the lake.  It was SO. VERY. COLD.  The boys (having spent approximately 5 seconds in the water before calling it) were badgering me from the sidelines telling me I had to go all the way in.  BRRRR!
I REALLY do not want to walk any further into this lake.
I would like to state that for the record that there is no way I would've posted this photo a few months ago.  No way, no how.  But now, thanks to months and months of running, I am finally brave enough to post my pasty whiteness for all you strangers out there.  Feast your eyes on the whiteness!  Do not fear blindness!  

Perhaps this weight loss thing of mine isn't the best thing for the world...

Anyway, I finally succumbed to the tormenting and decided to finish carrying out Operation: Freeze to Death.
Yay peer pressure!!
It was surprisingly awful and refreshing at the same time.  But I was glad I had done it; it was like taking an ice bath without the ice!  My knee appreciated it.
I even stayed in long enough that Hubster could walk over and get this photo!
I braved the icy cold water a LOT longer than my counterparts.  I stayed in a good 2 minutes.  I know, right? Skillzzzz--I have them.

Anyway, after I got out we dried off and headed back down to our car.  All in all, it was a fun little adventure.  Here is a photo I took on the way down to prove that I am nice and normal:

Yeah...that didn't last long...



  1. Nice lookin' lake! I'm jealous of your nice weather....

  2. That looks like so much fun! Hike and swim is pretty much my dream Saturday.

  3. i am seriously so jealous of your adventure right now. so freaking jealous. i love hikes. especially tough ones. you are brave for getting in that water. SO BRAVE! love that ragnar shirt in the last pic :)

  4. That sounds like awesome fun!

  5. OMG that looked really awesome! You are so beautiful tho... if I tried that someone would phone Greenpeace or something about a lost whale hehe xxxx

  6. Love this story. You are definitely brave! Nice work little lady!

  7. Had to come back and comment on this one. (I missed commenting while on vaca)

    You are a brave girlie for getting in that cold water and great job on the weight loss and confidence gain! That's the important part, well confidence and better health.