Tuesday, December 6, 2011

And I am ALIVE!

Last night's boot camp class was surprisingly awesome.  Truly.  I really enjoyed it.  The instructor seemed to actually care about everyone that he was training, and he made to to give constructive feedback on our form while managing to not call us out individually for sucking.  That was much appreciated.  As we were checking into the class, they told us to take it really easy and do 2/3rd the weight and half the reps to start out.  It was really hard for us to stop when the veterans in the class kept going with their reps!  Oh well, it was probably a good thing we listened to the trainers!

Today I am not super sore, so I think that I will do more reps tonight to get a better workout.  I'm going to keep easing into it, but want to make sure my time is still value-add there!

Want to know a quick way to judge how clumsy you are?  Try jumping lunges!

Seriously.  It is clear my stabilizer muscles have been greatly ignored during my running training.  Eesh!  I also still have a knee injury (from the Timp Half--clear back in July 30th!) that makes these extra dangerous for me. I think I cracked my knee cap during the fall on that race and it has never healed properly (probably because I'm a klutz and keep whacking it on things like my steering column and my toilet of all things).  Anyway, I can't put direct pressure on it, which includes touching it to the ground during jumping lunges.  If it does touch anything, it's enough to make me scream and cry in public.  So these are stress-inducing for many reasons.  I'll keep you updated on my public embarrassment for when I finally screw up and hit my knee on the ground.  Should be awesome!

By the way...we have a new segment for my lovely blog.  It is called Jess's Tip of the Day.  Jess is always giving me great advice (like last night--"Becky--STOP DOING MORE REPS!! Listen to the trainers!!" and I figured that I should start sharing her words of wisdom.  Without further ado, here is last night's lesson:

"Word to the wise--Eat well so you don't have acid reflux in the middle of the workout; particularly the ab workout."

I'm pretty sure we've all been there.  I'm hoping to get my eating in check so that these workouts really do what they are capable of for me.    Tonight's workout is as follows:

Should be fun!  I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow.


  1. nice! you are rocking your workouts lately and am loving reading about your dedication! annnnd...i am not even sure i can do standing lunges with any coordination...jumping ones sound crazy! haha!

  2. So very excited for you! Congrats on making it through the workout.

    And yes jumping lunges (okay any lunges) absolutely terify me. And I don't even have an injury. ;)