Thursday, December 1, 2011

Some Pics of the Wind Damage

Wind Storm 101
Poor Semi!
Wind Storm 078
This is my friend's apartment
Wind Storm 075
I have no idea where the rest of this fence went
Wind Storm 073
All the signs were blown away
Wind Storm 035
Tree on house = bad
Wind Storm 023
The entire park was full of downed trees like this one.
Wind Storm 017
Tree on power line


  1. holy cow!!! crazy how much damage the wind can do! hope you are safe friend!

  2. Did you have a hurricane? Seriously this is crazy talk!

  3. It was so bad today on campus they sent out our emergency communication system to seek shelter indoors and all classes were cancelled. I actually almost got blown over walking from my car, I had to grab onto a little tree. 100 mph winds are no fun and all the intersections were totally crazy without any traffic lights. Hope your are safe and have power again :)

  4. where do you live
    we have that here too
    crazy 80 miles winds
    lots of damage everywhere