Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hurricane in Utah?

I think that the weather gods got confused.  We are not supposed to have hurricanes in Utah.

Guess who is lucky enough to be one of the people without power for 48 hours?  If you guessed this girl, you win a prize!

As someone who loves crazy weather, I'm totally a fan of the 80 mph + winds going on outside right now.  As someone who loves getting ready for work with lights and power, I'm not such a fan.  Getting ready by flashlight is always an adventure.  Pretty sure I look like a clown!  :)

I had a dentist appointment scheduled this morning, but power is out for my entire town so they sent me away.  I passed several downed trees driving there!  The gusts were insane!  I feel bad for all the people that just put up their Christmas decorations; I saw several homes where they were absolutely shredded.

Here is a fun article about the weather affecting our region.  Kinda awesome.  The weirdest thing about the weather is that it is absolutely BEAUTIFUL outside today.  Sunny.  Clear skies.  And then you notice the howling wind and flying debris.  Kinda surreal.  Make sure you watch the video to get a good idea of the wind. It's just really unusual for this area!  Apparently a town 5 minutes away from me had to declare a state of emergency.  Too crazy!

Anyway, send good vibes my way that I will have power when I get home tonight!


  1. That's kind of nuts! I'll be thinking of you!

  2. The craziest thing about it is that there is absolutely nothing down south. It is 100% mellow. I cannot understand how it can be so different in one state. Crazy!! And you totally should have skipped work. You could have sat home and roasted marshmellows over a candle. :)