Thursday, December 8, 2011

Box Jumps are Scary

...and that's really all I have to stay about that.

Last night's workout was killer hard--definitely the hardest to date!  We only had to do the routine for 15 minutes, but I was certainly worn out and sore by the end.  I woke up feeling surprisingly good, however.  I'm pleased with that.

Today I have an eye doctor's appointment before the boot camp class and if they dilate my eyes I will be skipping the gym.  Nothing like trying to work out while being completely unable to see.  No thanks!  I'm accident-prone enough!  I'll let you know if I make it to the gym.  I brought my stuff just in case the eye doctor is nice to me!  :)

Tonight's workout is one I wouldn't mind missing, though.  It has one of my very least favorite workouts in it--the dreaded burpee.  I seriously have no coordination or strength for this move.  Please no one video me tonight!

20-15-10-5 reps for time of:
BW dead lift

Nothing too dramatic about the workout other than the burpees.  Oh, I should also note that I cannot do one single pullup, so that should be fun.  I'm pretty sure they will have a modified version for us though.  Eye doctor permitting, I'll find out!

Jess's Words of Wisdom for the Day:

"Box jumps are hard."

Truer words have never been spoken.  

Have any of you done box jumps or burpees?  What are your thoughts?


  1. I hate box jumps. They are scary and hard! I feel like I'm going to miss!

  2. eeeeeekkkk!!!! both things scare me. omg. i tried jillian's ripped in 30 last night and my hamstrings are so sore today. aka...i think i would suck at boot camp. you are my hero!

  3. Ouch. Those seriously hurt just looking at them. Pardon me while I work out the leg soreness I got by just looking at this picture.

  4. Love that picture!
    My box jumps are only 6 inches tall....
    More like jumping a curb.
    But the still suck!

  5. When I see the Biggest Loser people doing the box jumps, I get so nervous. They look super hard. I've never done them but I have done burpees and Ugh!!

  6. I hate BOTH burpees and box jumps. I'm proud of you for working so hard with the workouts. You are KILLIN' IT!!! :)