Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Time Done Creepy

It's Christmas time at my work.  Yesterday they sent out a late memo saying "Hey--we want to put everyone's photo on the homepage while we are gone for Christmas break, so wear your festive clothes tomorrow.  Have fun!"

Something you should know about my team at work--we are a bunch of crazies.  We love to have fun, and pretty much have no shame.  While others in our office barely dressed up, we came prepared for the situation:

Christmas Miracle 003
No smiles allowed.
I think the mustaches are a nice touch.  Really brings the spirit of the season to the photo.
Christmas Miracle 004
This is serious business.
I particularly enjoyed mine.  I take looking like a hot mess to a whole new level!  Brown-chicken-brown-cow!

Good thing our company has a sense of humor--the photographer loved it.  We'll find out for sure if they really love it depending on whether or not they are brave enough to post it to the homepage.  I'll keep you updated...

Also, it's time for an update on Post-Juice Fast Extravaganza!  The day I started eating real foods again (Monday) was a bit weird.  I didn't experience too many side effects from having solid food again, but I did have a very brief 30-second period where I got REALLY light-headed.  It passed as quickly as it came on. I did notice that I also wanted to eat a lot of the foods that I had craved so badly while juicing, and I did indulge a bit more than I should have.  However, yesterday I was totally in check with eating and really wanting to make wise decisions (rather than forcing myself to make those decisions).  I weighed in at 153.2 on Tuesday morning (after a big dinner the night before).  Today I weighed in at 153.8 (after a smoothie breakfast/dinner and medium-sized lunch).  I'm happy with this.  I lost a solid 4 lbs last week, and even though a few months ago I would've been upset at being above 150 I can really notice some new muscles brought on by my boot camp class so I'm happy.  I'm more toned than I've been in a long time, and I really enjoy feeling stronger each day.

Speaking of boot camp, I'm still loving it!  We are into week 3 and I've only missed a couple classes.  My arms are noticeably more toned; even Hubster has noticed!  My abs are also a lot stronger.  I've gotta be honest, I'm really surprised I can tell a difference with only having participated for two complete weeks.  Crazy!  I can't wait to see how else my body will change!

After getting my butt kicked in class last night, I opted to go for a 3 mile run.  I have been craving a run for a while now and I really wanted to push myself.  I intended to only run 2 miles after boot camp class because it had been a high intensity workout (average heart rate of 171 for the class!  wow!).  However, once I got out there I decided to extend it by a mile and really dig deep.  

As most of my followers know, I'm a (relatively) slow runner.  I average a pace around 11-12 minutes/mile.  Last night I ran all 3 miles under a 10 minute mile pace.  I haven't done that for a LONG time.  It felt GREAT!  I definitely plan on incorporating more running into my routine.  I love it too much to not do it!

Only 4 more days till Christmas...holy crap.  I'm not ready!  Someone send snow my way so I can actually feel like it's Christmas!!  Please oh please?


  1. Successful fast!

    No no, please send me some snow and COLD weather!

  2. Did you run outside? I can't imagine where in Utah you could run and only gain 13 ft in elevation! Nice work on the pace!

  3. I love your work picture. That is just awesome and made me LOL