Saturday, December 17, 2011


Just finished drinking juice #3!  Lunch was delicious (although not as tasty as breakfast!).  I thought I'd show a bit more of the process for this post.  First things first, my amazing juicer:
Juice Fast 010
Love this thing.
An important thing to remember when juicing (or really whenever) is to CLEAN YOUR PRODUCE.  It is NOT clean when you get it, even if it looks like it is.  Trust me on this.  My dad is a potato farmer and I've seen the process to "clean" produce.  Yeah...make sure you wash your veggies and fruits.

I think it is important to include a leafy green in your juices if you can manage it.  I always include spinach or kale in my morning smoothies (when I'm not on a juice fast) and I've been sure to include them in each of my juices so far.  They are pretty much flavorless when combined with the other ingredients!

Juice Fast 012
So much green goodness!
For lunch I wanted to keep a balance between the fruits and the vegetables.  Once again, I didn't use a particular recipe; I just used what produce I had available.  Lunch included the following:

Kale (5 stalks)
Tomato (1)
Beet (1)
Carrots (3)
Orange (1)
Pear (1)
Pineapple (1/8)
Apples (2)
Juice Fast 013
Lunch was so colorful!
They say that the more colorful your meal is, the better it is for you.  I think that this lunch just might win the award for me!
Juice Fast 015
I don't really like beets, but I love to juice them.  They are by far the most colorful vegetable.  SO pretty!  Even the remnants from the beet after juicing are gorgeous!
Juice Fast 019
Love the color!
Here's a nice shot of what my juicer looks like during the process.  On the left side there is a container for the waste material that the juicer kicks out.  On the right, you can see all the lovely juice I drank for lunch.  Talk about a tie-dye lunch!
Juice Fast 022
Love my juicer!  Did I mention that already?
Juice Fast 023
Close-up of the colors.
Obviously, you'll want to mix up the juices before you drink it so that the flavors combine into something a lot more delicious.  I also scoop the foam off the top of the juice mix.  You don't have to, but I do it because the foam bothers me.  I'd rather just drink the pure liquid!
Juice Fast 031
I also added ice cubes to my drink (after taking this photo).  There is something about a drink being ice cold that makes it all the more enjoyable.  I rate today's lunch as a 4 out of 5. Check back tonight for dinner's review!

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