Thursday, December 22, 2011

Holy Sugar Binge (& Progress Pics!)

Ummmm...sugar crisis 911.  I have succumbed to the sugar delights at my work.  SO MUCH SUGAR.  I am seriously cracked out of my mind.  Epic failure.  Good thing I am going to the gym tonight so that I can work out approximately 1/2000th of this sugar off.  Yay for calorie burning!  Oh wait...I would have to run at LEAST a full marathon to burn this sugar off.  At least today is the last day with temptations surrounding me!  Clearly my willpower has a time limit that expired right before I hit the safety zone.

Anyway, I wanted to give you a photo update on my weight loss.  I haven't posted any progress pictures in a long time because people I actually know read this blog now and apparently that scares me!  I stopped sharing stuff I used to because I have to look these people in the eyes (or on facebook...same thing)!  After reading through some of my old posts, I noticed that I promised to update a lot more with pictures so I thought I better get started on it.  Plus, I kind of use this blog as a journal of sorts and it's nice to track progress.  So anyway, I snapped some quick cell phone pictures last night after our ab workout destroyed me.  Here's the progress on my biceps and abs!

Don't mind the totally haggered face--I had just gotten run over by our trainer at the boot camp class.  That ab workout was TOUGH!

Anyway, I was comparing the new photos to some older photos I had and I could tell a good difference.  Sometimes we forget to take a look back and see how far we've come (whether physically or mentally) and that can get discouraging.  It's nice to take a moment to go back and see how much we've truly changed and  be positive about the person we are becoming.  I may not be the healthiest person ever (see: sugar binge, above), but I am a changed person.  I am a lot more conscious of what I put in my body, what I do with my body, and what I want for my body.  I've drastically changed the quantity of food I put into my mouth on a daily basis, and I have found the joy that comes from a hard workout.  

It's been a good year.  

Next year will be even better!


  1. Yeah, you look amazing! Good work, Becky!

  2. Well done! I am right there with you on the sugar breakdown. When I'm sitting in the break room at work surrounded by fudge, cake, cookies, and candy...there's no way I'm escaping without a stomach ache.

  3. Look at your flat tummy! NICE, chica, VERY nice!

    I'm so ready for work to be over... patients are bringing in treats NON stop. Ugh. I'm so sick of sugar! blech.

    Merry Christmas girl!
    We need to get together again, soon!

  4. Great work!!...on the workouts. Not so much on the sugar but it is the time of year for a few little indulgences, right?!

    Merry Christmas!

  5. You look great! The way I see it - sugar is inevitable this time of year!