Saturday, December 17, 2011

Dinner - Spicy Goodness!

Man oh man.  Dinner was good.  SPICY, but good!

I followed the recipe from here called Kickin Salsa Verde.  It definitely lives up to its name!  It is nice and spicy.  I'm really glad I didn't listen to my own thoughts when debating whether or not to add a whole jalapeno or just half like the recipe called for.  I chose the route of the recipe, and it is plenty spicy!

This recipe feels a bit like a cheat, however.  It calls for half an avocado which has to be blended rather than juiced.  I opted to still use this recipe because an avocado is a veggie and fits with my dinner plan, and I have a super awesome blender that can turn pretty much anything into liquid.  However, I don't think I'll do another recipe for this juice fast that calls for blending.  Ever seen those "Will it blend?" commercials?  That's the blender we've got!

Juice Fast 032
The mighty ingredients!  There's a jalapeno hiding somewhere in there, along with a lime...
Juice Fast 034
Thicker than the other drinks due to the avocado!
I'll give this one a 4.5 out of 5.  I love spicy food, and this tastes like a delicious Mexican dish.  It makes me want to dip a chip in it!  Too bad that's not allowed!  This one took a loooong time to eat because it was so spicy you couldn't guzzle it down.  That was the only real issue I had with the recipe.

Thoughts on the juice fast so far:
  • I haven't been hungry between meals.  The drinks are keeping me full.
  • That doesn't mean I don't THINK I'm hungry.  I want food, but not because I'm actually hungry. I just want something to munch on.  Something that tastes good.  I can tell I'm not actually hungry because when I think "I'll just go make some juice" I instantly don't really want to eat anymore.  Very interesting!
  • Juicing has not torn up my digestive tract (yet).  All normal on the bathroom front (minus a few extra trips to the bathroom because I have a small be expected).
  • I've been sleepy today, but I'm not sure if that's related to the juice fast or just the fact that I didn't sleep very well last night.
So that's Juice #4 done.  I officially have survived a day and a half of juicing.  Go me!


  1. I am so going to try this one! Where are you getting your recipes?


    (It wouldn't let me post with my google account. Strange.)

  2. Love the juicing expedition you are on!!! It inspired me to bust out the juicer this weekend. I even gave you a shout out on my blog!