Monday, December 12, 2011

I want a sledge hammer for Christmas that I can destroy my freaking scale.

I just might have to take a break from that stupid thing.  It's making me crazy!  I saw the highest number I've seen in over a year this morning!  I was absolutely horrified.  I didn't dare step back on it to see if it was mistaken.  I just ran and hid.  I'll try again tomorrow for (hopefully) better results.

Tonight's workout is going to kill me, by the way.

100 squats
100 pushups
100 situps
100 Aussie pullups
100 walking lunges
1 mile run or 1600m row

Jess and I are actually going to go for a bit longer run that that.  We've decided that while these workouts are killer, they just feel a bit too short and don't burn the amount of calories we are hoping for out of a workout.  So, back to running!  Yay!  It's good for my asthma to keep running, anyway.  We won't do anything too dramatic--just 2-3 miles after the workouts.  Should be awesome!

My only concern with running during the winter?  Salt Lake City's glorious inversion:

I've talked about the inversion on my blog before.  I have no love for the inversion.

I love my beautiful mountains, but darn it I wish they didn't trap the cold polluted air like they do during the winter.  It is the only thing I hate about Salt Lake City, and MAN do I hate it.  It's like breathing straight exhaust fumes.  Terrible.  It's super fun to run in as well.  There hasn't been a storm since the wind storm a couple weeks ago so the pollution has been building up in the valley.  This is the time of year that I pray for big snow storms!  Send blizzard vibes my way!!


  1. I'll send my sledge hammer when I'm done beating my scale! ;)

    And by golly inversion sounds horrible!

  2. Becky you broke the gold rule: Never weigh yourself on Monday morning, or sat or Sun for that matter. I'm sure a lot of it is water weight and you will even out in the next few days.

    The inversion sucks! I don't even have asthma and I can only imagine how much worse it is for those that do. So sorry girl! Enjoy your workout tonight and take that anger out on the circuit!

  3. There will be no sledgehammering! Just do NOT get on that scale. Focus on how you're feeling :)

    That inversion sounds very sucky. I hope your asthma doesn't get crazy.

  4. Okaaaay, re: weight-loss, time to hold up the self-mirror, and be honest about whether or not your eating has been on-track. Mine certainly hasn't. And you and I both know that workouts alone won't sustain weight-loss - it needs to be BOTH activity and healthy eating. I believe in you (and totally look up to you) and I know you can rock this and get the scale moving again!! Sending lots of love and support to you!!! Xoxo.

  5. blah. i hate the inversion too. girl i know you are working SO hard. you are so dedicated to your workouts and they are tough. its so hard to keep with it when you feel like you are not seeing results but you will! you got this!